Things to do by August 19

Make sure you have received feedback on your showcase post and contact me if you haven't.
Incorporate the feedback you received regarding your research post and...
Publish the final draft of your Research Post.

Research Blog Post - 1500 words - 50%

Your major project for EDCI339 is your Research Blog Post.

Your post should be about 1500 words and written in academic style, meaning that you must cite your sources according to APA or MLA, (or another academic style, as long as you use it consistently), and include a reference list at the end of your post. You do NOT need to worry about things like a title page and a running head on your blog. Plesae link to as many of your references as you can, and make sure you use headers to format your post in WordPress.

There are several suggested topics listed below, and you may use the topic that you addressed in your Showcase Post.

  • inclusive design and accessibility in online learning,
  • online Corporate Training,
  • open education,
  • state of MOOCs,
  • online training in your field,
  • K12 online learning,
  • specific open courses (DS106, ANTH101, Phonar),
  • open textbooks,
  • surveillance capitalism, data, and privacy,
  • open education resources (including textbooks),
  • social learning communities

Suggested Structure

I suggest that you follow the structure outlined below to compose your post.

  1. Introduction to the question or problem.
  2. Brief review of the literature. (3-5 scholarly articles)
  3. Discussion of the question or problem in light of the literature.
  4. Summary, conclusions, and recommendations.
  5. Finally, include a brief reflection (2-3 sentences) on the value of your Learning Pods and Partners in influencing your thinking.


  1. First draft posted Monday, Auguest 12.
  2. Meet with your Learning Pod to present your post by August 17.
  3. Publish a summary of the feedback you received in a new post by August 17.
  4. Revise your post and incorporate the feedback you received and publish your final draft as a new post by August 19.

Send me an email with the names of your Learning Pod and get digital consent if naming them on your blog posts.