On Monday, August 12, we will be meeting with Jess Mitchell in BlueJeans (link is in the course site) at 12:00PM. Jess will be talking about Inclusion and Accessibility in Distributed and Open Learning. Please watch the first video on this page before Monday. Slides from the presentation are here.

For Unit 8, we are going to be considering the importance of Inclusive Design in distributed and open learning. The content of unit 8 will be in a recorded webinar presented by Jess Mitchell, and then we will have a conversation in BlueJeans at 12:00 noon Pacific time link to BlueJeans is in the course site.

Please take some time to view the recording before Monday and bring your questions to our live webinar on Monday afternoon.

Things to do by August 19

Make sure you have received feedback on your showcase post and contact me if you haven't.
Incorporate the feedback you received regarding your research post and...
Publish the final draft of your Research Post.

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