Mark your calendars!

On Monday, August 12, we will be meeting with Jess Mitchell in BlueJeans (link is in the course site) at 12:00PM. Jess will be talking about Inclusion and Accessibility in Distributed and Open Learning. I will follow up with a URL for you to view before Monday.

Did you see the reminder above? It's important.

Showcase Post (35%)

Your showcase post is your second graded assignment in EDCI 339 and is worth 35% of your final grade.

By now, you should have published four posts on your blog for each of the last four units. If you haven't completed these four posts, please do so now. These posts are required.

Your task for the Showcase Post is to choose one of those previous four posts to share with the class and with me for assessment. Before you do that, you need to make sure that it is polished and ready for publication, by addressing any grammatical or spelling errors, ensuring that you link to all sources (you don't need to use APA or MLA), and revising anything that was unclear.

Your showcase post should be published as a new post on your blog, and it should be linked to the original post.

Also, you should expand your post to be around 750 words by adding ideas you have encountered since you published the original, reflecting on how your thinking might have changed or how you might change your practice as an educator.

Before you publish your post, please add the tag Showcase in addition to the category Distributed & Open Learning.

Task Summary

Address grammatical and spelling errors.
Clarify explanations and ideas.
Link to all sources.
Reflect on how your thinking has changed.
Add the tag Showcase to your post in WordPress.

Things to do by Friday, August 9

Read and Annotate Tony Bates' post Back to the Future: open pedagogy, learning design, and ETUG’s 25th anniversary conference
Check that you have published on your blog all four required posts from previous units.
Connect with your Learning Pods and Partners to review and plan your Showcase Post.
Revise, update, expand, and polish one of your four posts and tag it with Showcase.
Think about your research post topic. Let me know if you have questions!
Support someone who needs help.