Things to do by August 7

Skim Attributes of Open Pedagogy: A Model for Using Open Educational Resources. Educational Technology, 55(4), 3-13.
Read Textbooks, OER, and the need for open pedagogy.
Connect with your Learning Pod to review Post 3 and plan Post 4.
Publish Blog Post #4
Think about your research post topic. Let me know if you have questions!
Support someone who needs help.

Blog Post #4

For your fourth blog post, please write about something you learned or want to learn about open education as presented in this unit. Use the readings for inspiration, but please do not summarize the readings. I want to know what you think!

Please consult with your Learning Pods and Partners if you need assistance identifying topics or questions. When you refer to others in your learning pod, make sure you link to their blog (either their home URL, or a specific post). If you paste the URL on its own line in WordPress, your theme should automatically embed a preview of their post or site.