Hello everyone, and thank you all for your work (some of which is ongoing this weekend!). You should have all received a grade for all of posts 1-5 about your learning challenge as well as your peer reviews. Overall, I'm really pleased with how you have engaged with the course and have shown me evidence that you have learned a thing or two!

I really enjoyed following your learning challenges and I wish that I had more opportunity to respond directly, but you should know that I have read every one of your posts, even if I wasn't able to comment on every post. I have loved the fact that so many of you were able to tap into your family and friends for help. I suspect that some of you gained weight with all the recipes flying around, while others lost weight with all the fitness tips and cycle commuting! Whatever it was, several of you have mentioned that you are a bit sad to see the end of the official learning challenge, and some have indicated that the habits you've developed will continue to be important for you. So, I thank you for sharing.

As the course ends, you are welcome to continue with your blogs. They are your work and yours to keep. If you intend to take another EDCI course (336, 337, 338, or 339), you may need it again. All you need to do to keep your posts separate is to create and use another category on your blog.

As I read your peer reviews, I was able to get a sneak peak at your learning resources, and I really like what I see. There is a variety of platforms that you have used, and a very wide diversity of topics that you have covered. I'm looking forward to digging into your final drafts over then next week (or so...).

Remember, as you tighten up your drafts this weekend, that you are not required to incorporate all of your peers' recommendations. There is some very good feedback available to you, but you know your resource better than everyone else, so the context may not necessarily fit the feedback. All I ask is that you provide a brief rationale for the feedback that you did not incorporate.

The stated due date is 10pm on Sunday, June 30, but please let me know if your group needs a little more time to tidy things up. I hope you'll give me your best work.

It's a long weekend, so if you can get things done Sunday night, you can take Monday off and grill up some pork tenderloins or steaks!

Also, I had set the due date of the cooperative group reflection to be Friday night instead of Sunday. Thanks to those who got it in on that timeline. I've adjusted it to Sunday. Sorry for the confusion.

If you have items that I haven't graded yet, please let me know. If you do the work, you should get the credit. CourseSpaces should be up-to-date with everything I have assessed, but i may have missed something, so please check!

I've done lots of teaching in other contexts, but this was my first course teaching in higher ed, and you folks made it enjoyable.

Thank you all very much!

Cheers, and Happy Canada Day!