Good morning Everyone!

This is the final week of EDCI335. I have enjoyed reading about your learning challenges and following your progress through those. I think the best part of the learning challenge (for me, at least) was the number of you who were able to connect with a partner, friend, or parent to help with the challenge. Being able to identify people in your life who have expertise that you don't have and to engage with them is a good reminder that learning, even in an online environment where learners are spread across both time and space, can be a social endeavour.

When designing learning experiences, as you very well may do, even if you are not formally a teacher, I hope you'll remember the importance of social interaction with other humans!

I've posted the Week 7 learning materials under 'Units'. Like last week, there is no new content this week as you have a couple of important assignment submissions to work on.

Final Draft of your Interactive Learning Resource

Cooperative Group Assessment

Also, if you haven't submitted previous assignments, please make sure you get them to me as soon as possible!

You may have noticed that you didn't get feedback from me on your draft learning resources. This is intentional. My rationale is that each of you now has more developed cognitive tools with which you are able to evaluate the quality of learning resources and experiences. Your feedback is both valuable and important, and I do not want my ideas to diminish your peers' ideas just because I am the instructor in the course. If you have questions about the feedback you received, please feel free to ask your peers for clarification, or feel free to ask me. I'm here to help, and part of that is like your mom or dad letting go of your bike seat without you realizing it so that you can experience success.

The official end date of the course is Friday, June 28, but feel free to take the weekend and submit by Sunday evening. If you can't make that happen, please just let me know!

Throughout this week, feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have. I'd be happy to meet with you and/or your group in BlueJeans or other web conference tool to talk over your final submission for the Interactive Learning Resource.