Introduces the practice of learning design and its application to technology-mediated learning environments. Explores the principles of learning design, examines how to create learning experiences for others and teach for understanding. Opportunities to plan, design and develop an interactive learning experience using technologies specific for teaching and learning.

Just a quick Friday update.

I trust you've seen the alert for this morning. To recap, Your learning design blueprint is listed in CourseSpaces as being due this weekend AND it's listed on the course schedule as being due next weekend. Either is fine. I apologize for the error.

Your learning resource should be in the form of a mini lesson that others will be able to complete and, at the end, be able to show that they have learned something. Remember to prioritize interaction in your resource. That interaction can be with other learners or with people outside the course.

Your first draft of the resource should be substantially complete so that others in the class will be able to work through the resource as learners in order to provide feedback to you.

Obviously, you don't need to submit links to the peer feedback or a rationale for how you managed the feedback with this submission.

I'm reading your week 2-3 posts and thoroughly enjoying the journey through your learning challenges! I'll be posting some brief comments on the blog for each of your blogs, including links. I encourage you to follow your colleagues!

Please let me know if you have questions!