Hello Everyone!

I'll post thoughts and links here on Posts 2-3. I really encourage you to check out some of your colleagues' challenges. You are doing some really cool things!

I'll post grades in CourseSpaces by the end of the week and will continue to update this post as I read through your blogs!

One general note on your posts is to ensure that you should not summarizing the readings for me. I've already read them. I want to see the ideas from the readings incorporated into your posts.


Alex, I love your idea of teaching yourself coin tricks using a 60 year old book called Modern Coin Magic. In post 2 you wondered whether you were engaged in an indirect apprenticeship since you are interacting with Bobo's ideas, and I would argue that you are. Your Khan Academy for magic tricks might be r/magic on Reddit.

Great job on your videos!


Hoazhe, thanks for your posts! It looks like you've learned some important lessons about cooking. My daughter often skips steps of recipes too. I would love to see videos of you cooking a recipe! How would you take a deep approach to learning to cook?


Gao, you are making me miss curry udon! One of the advantages of video over live demonstrations is that you can review the demo multiple times, and even slow it down if you need to. I'm looking forward to your chicken recipe! Make sure you continue to connect what and how you are learning to the course readings! Would you be willing to share a video of your chicken experience?

EDCI 335

Yolanda, thanks for your posts! It's interesting to read about increasing life-expectancy.

pinrui's blog

Pinrui, thanks for your posts! Getting back into 'shape' is a great target, although you need to be careful to not do too much too soon! That is a good way to get hurt. Physical training is certainly a good reminder that our bodies adapt to how they are used, and that includes our brains!

It's a good idea to use links when you reference other sites on the internet!

Welcome to Karen's BLOG :D

Karen, wow, you are making great progress and documenting your learning really clearly. I love the little pictures you drew in your video! Lookin forward to week 3!

SerenaTang's home blog

Serena, great job on your video and the pictures showing your progress! Your descriptions of your process are nice and clear. Looking forward to watching your progress.


Haoming, thank you for your posts! I'd love to hear how your wonton-making went! Learning to play the piano is another great task for the challenge, and a great way to spend time with your friends. It looka like you have some good strategies for learning, like understanding the history of the piano, and getting lots of practice. Will you share a video of your progress?

Scott's Blog

mmmm...rib-eye and burgers, oh my! (sorry)

Your problem of leaving too much meat stuck to the grill might be solved by having a nice clean grate. My grill has a good quality stainless steel grate and it is great for staying non-stick. I've also started grilling a lower temperature and that helps meat not stick as well. Adding pork will also help! I often use chorizo sausage to add to lean or medium ground beef. Don't use extra-lean...dry and flavourless.

Great job on your posts! I'll be grilling some chicken tonight!

Chloe's Blog

Hi Chloe, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Making things interesting and engaging is not only a good strategy for becoming more active, but it also works as a strategy for learning all sorts of things. Doggos make everything better! ...and your garden looks amazing!

I appreciate how you are using featured images on your blog! They make a big difference! Great job on the dyno! Thanks for the video.

huiyu's blog

Thanks for your posts Huiyu! Driving a car with a manual transmission is one of the frustrating rites of passage for new (and old) drivers. Good job with sharing your journey so far. I appreciate my car because it has a hill-start assist feature that automatically holds the car from rolling back on a hill.

Xue Wang's Blog

Xue, thanks for your posts! I appreciate that you say that your learning plan will change based on the week's readings! It looks like your careful planning led to some yummy eggs and chicken wings!

Cooper Fargey EDCI335

Hey Cooper, stay safe in your travels! I like how you connected the Veritasium video with inflexible culinary tastes! That's a connection I hadn't thought of before.


Thanks for sharing Liam! It's good to hear that you are taking care of yourself. Please do reach out if you need assistance! I like your plan for building a healthier lifestyle.

EDCI 335

Jessica, if you made the cookies at the bottom of post #2, those look fantastic! Are the yellow ones icing? You said something interesting in your post:

For the third time, instead of watching instructional video on Youtube, I connected with my friend video and had her teach me how to make cookies face to face.

This is interesting to me because many people who currently teach in higher ed wouldn't think that a video connection would be considered face-to-face, but you are accustomed to it, so it seems natural.

And thank you for posting your 'failed' chiffon cakes. Although it's not a failure if you can still eat it!

EDCI 335 - Learning Design

Great posts, Thom! It's cool that Destin's video on the backwards bike resonated so well with your challenge. There are several great iOS and Android apps available that will track a whole load of data for you, if you're interested in such things. I use Strava.


Boyin, thank you for your posts. It would be great if you could share pictures or video of what you are trying to cook. Can you share more about what you are doing to learn to cook?

Jack's blog

Jack, your steak looks like a prefect medium-rare! nice job. Your burger looks great too. Thanks for your clear description of your process and some of the challenges you have faced.

Chelsea Crawford

Chelsea, it is really great to see your progress through your painting, but also thinking about teaching and learning as you do so. The pictures of not only your actual paintings, but of a little context of where you are working and what your setup is really add to the overall quality of your posts. Thank you for sharing!


Andrew, thanks for your posts! There is nothing like an impending move to get your creative mojo going! You are right about language learning; you need to practice, practice, practice. And it may not make much sense until you have actually moved. Keep at it! To me, it sounds like, by post #4, you had developed a base of 'knowledge' using web resources, but interacting with people is leading to greater 'understanding'. Both play a role.


Renyu, I find that I am really invested in helping you find a way to make a chiffon cake! You I wonder if your oven is displaying temperatures in fahrenheit rather than celsius, which would mean the temperatures you are using are less than half what they should be. Also, my Mom always told me not to open the oven and peek when cooking a cake, otherwise it will come out flat...thanks for sharing!

Andrew Abuleal's Home Blog

Andrew, it's great to learn of your progress, and it sounds like you are getting some quality time with your mom as well...win/win! Great thinking to install the Arabic keyboard on your phone and use that to compose messages to your parents as well. It's cool to see people innovating like this to solve small challenges!

Erik Yu

Erik, thanks for your posts. You have some good thoughts on the intersection of ed tech and learning motor skills, like shooting a basketball. Web technologies can certainly help, but it take lots of physical practice for you to actually encode the proper movements. Do you think that greater computational power and 'better' algorithms will solve the problems with Knewton, or is there more to consider?


Hi Yana, you noted in post 2 that ch 3-4 don't mention incentives, and that is an interesting observation. I think it depends on the nature of the incentive, as some people see incentives as demotivating. I appreciate how you mention the importance of immediate feedback that you get in face-to-face environments.

The Agave

Thanks for sharing your progress DipsyLovesAvocado. Flight of the Bumblebee is certainly an ambitious goal. It would be impossible for me! I haven't had a piano lesson in almost 40 years. I appreciate how, especially in post #3, you integrated deep and surface approaches to learning in a natural way. It is a good idea to ensure that you provide some sort of recognition of where those ideas come from, ususally with a link on a website.

Julia's Blog

Julia, your progress is fantastic, and you get some quality time with Carl! You have done a great job of incorporating images into your posts and it makes it really clear how important flexibility is in yoga. While it can be intimidating sometimes to talk about what things are going wrong, it's also really helpful to do so! Thanks for sharing!

Learning Experience - Sukh's blog - EDCI 335

Sukh, nice to see you making progress on your muscle-ups! Your plans seem solid (especially not skipping leg day!) and it's good that you are getting a good amount of rest.

Alex Yu's EDCI 335 blog

Alex, thanks for your play-by-play of your adventures in bread-making. I appreciate you connecting Reddit with Lave and Wenger's idea of Community of Practice. In fact, one of the most influential open online courses, ds106, was inspired by an online knitting community called Ravelry. I'm looking forward to your next attempt, and wish I could act as some quality control for you! Also, nice shout-out to Chloe for her contribution!.

Rythm's Blog

Rythm, good on you for practicing some knife skills before getting going with this. Knife skills and a good sharp knife make cooking so much more enjoyable! I absolutely agree with your decision to not let the bread get too soggy for french toast. My mom used to do that and we would have bread soaked in uncooked egg for breakfast. Bleh.

Digital Learning

Tyler, thanks for your detailed posts! I appreciate your use of formatting to make them easier to follow! Are you doing that with Markdown? HTML? a plugin? I'd love to hear. Being able to maintain a bike is a great way to save a ton of money!

Avocado Smoothie

Alice, thanks for your posts! For some reason, your images aren't showing when I look at your site. Can you see them? The highs and lows of your experience make for compelling reading. I was really rooting your you and your fettuccine! It is possible that the chicken broth that you added to the sauce made it too salty, rather than the butter.

Welcome to Karen's BLOG :D

Karen, thanks for sharing your journey of learning Korean. An important thing to remember about surface learning in the SOLO taxonomy is that sometimes it is appropriate to memorize isolated facts. Language learning is a good example where you are trying to memorize the Korean Hangul. Although memorization is a low-level cognitive skill, it is not a surface approach in this case because a low-level cognitive skill is what is required for the task.

University of Victoria - Sign in Service

Katja, thanks for sharing your progress and your process so far in this challenge. Even to my untrained eye, there is a noticeable difference in your drills; even on a single page (like the loops!).

University of Victoria - Sign in Service

Noor, your adventures in baking seem delicious! Can you tell me about how the readings informed your practice over the last couple weeks? I've never heard of Injera, but it looks delicious!

University of Victoria - Sign in Service

Thanks for sharing your process related to your group's work on the blueprint and learning resource. Reflecting on the process itself is an excellent way to improve your effectiveness as a (member of a) group as you work towards the goals.

University of Victoria - Sign in Service

Iris, thank you for your posts! It is very interesting to see how people can create different effects with nail art!

yuchen's Blog - EDCI335

Yuchen, great work! Thank you for including videos of your progress in your posts, it adds a lot. I think your learning strategy of reaching out to your mother, even though she is far away, is a good one!

Isabel's blog

Isabel, your art project is great! Thanks for including pictures. There are definitely advantages to synchronous learning environments for many people. Immediate feedback is difficult in an asynchronous environment.