Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great long weekend!

This rainy morning is ideal for dealing with the FOMO of not being able to get outside too much today.

This week, we are going to dig a little more deeply into how people actually learn. You will watch a short, and hopefully entertaining, video about riding bicycles, read a couple chapters in Bates, engage in your first week of learning in your personal challenge, and, importantly, complete your Learning Design Blueprint, which is due Sunday, May 26 and is worth 15% of your final grade.

The blueprint is a critical component of the course and also your work in the Interactive Learning Resource assignment, so that is why your blueprint must be submitted before you submit your Interactive Learning resource.

If you would like, we can schedule a time to meet in BlueJeans so you can ask your questions and get responses all at once rather than a bajillion emails.

I've added a Doodle poll to CourseSpaces that will allow us to schedule a time. I'll pick the most popular time.

I'll be reading your first graded posts over the next couple days. Thank you all for your work!