Introduces the practice of learning design and its application to technology-mediated learning environments. Explores the principles of learning design, examines how to create learning experiences for others and teach for understanding. Opportunities to plan, design and develop an interactive learning experience using technologies specific for teaching and learning.

Good morning everyone!

Thanks for all of your posts in the last couple weeks. It is my priority to have some grades back to you this week.

This is the last week with any new content for the course, but there is still lots of work to do! This week is for finishing up the details of your draft Interactive Learning Resource to be submitted on Sunday, June 9. Next week, you will be providing peer reviews for your colleagues.

Assessment is a critical piece of an educational process as it ensures that learners have the information that they need to understand how well they have met the learning outcomes for the course.

There are generally two types of assessment, formative and summative. Formative assessment occurs when a learner receives feedback about their performance and has an opportunity to incorporate that feedback into future attempts. In this class, if a learner misses the mark on a post or assignment, I provide some feedback about how to improve, and typically provide an opportunity to revise and resubmit. That is formative assessment. The other type of assessment, summative, comes at the end of a learning experience, and is generally a final assessment of the learner's performance. Typically there is no opportunity to incorporate feedback into future performance, because there is no opportunity for future performance. This is like having to write a final exam in a course.

Both types of assessment have their place in education, but there is a growing trend towards using formative assessment much more intentionally and focusing more on the process of learning (learning is hard), than on one high-stakes assessment at the end of a course which only provides a snapshot in time.

Practically, one of the best ways to get some formative assessment and feedback is to ask questions of your instructor. Submit drafts, schedule synchronous calls or web-conferences. Please let me know if you'd like to schedule some time this week to chat about your Interactive Learning Resources!