Week 2

11th May 2020

May 11-17

Things to do this week...

If you haven't already, complete the set up tasks from last week.
Read the Learning Theories post on the course blog. Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 12
Read the post 'Why is Learning Hard?' and consider how learning design might be affected by a learner's bias or motivation. Suggested timeline: Wednesday, May 14
Read the post Motivation and Learning. Suggested timeline: Thursday, May 15
Respond to the blog prompt by Friday, May 15. Make sure you use the category edci335!
Meet with your learning pod to introduce yourselves and begin thinking about a topic for your Learning Design Blueprint and Interactive Learning Resource
In your learning pods, discuss your individual responses to the blog prompt for this unit.

The schedule above is a suggested timeline for this week, but please aim to have everything completed by the evening of Sunday, May 17.

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I spent a good chunk of my weekend planting a garden for the first time in a few years, so that was nice. I'm hoping finally to be able to make a batch of salsa from my tomatoes and peppers.

Here's my Twitter post on the subject.

This week, we are going to dig into how people actually learn. You will watch a short, and hopefully entertaining, video about riding bicycles, read a chapter in one of the course texts, and, importantly, get started on your Learning Design Blueprint, which is due Sunday, June 14 and is worth 20% of your final grade.

The blueprint is a critical component of the course and also your work in the Interactive Learning Resource assignment, so that is why your blueprint must be submitted before you submit your Interactive Learning resource.

If you would like, we can schedule a time to meet in Zoom so you can ask your questions and get responses all at once rather than a bajillion emails.