June 29 - July 5

Things to do this week...

Read the following posts, in order: Starting to think about technology and learning, Platforms for learning, Promises and perils of technology and Social media.
Check to make sure you have published responses for each of the four prompts in the course so far.
Complete the first draft of your interactive learning resource with your learning pod.

Your interactive learning resource DRAFT is due Sunday, July 5. The draft should be substantially completed by then so that another learning pod can provide a peer review.

Good morning everyone, we really are in the critical part of EDCI 335. This week, I've assigned some reading about educational technology that should inform your decisions about what technologies to employ in your interactive learning resource. I hope that in these times of unrest and xenophobia, you will consider the impact of technology on society. I think it is clear that technologies have the power to both unite us and to divide us, sometimes even within the same app. TikTok is a relevant example, where teens and K-Pop fans are uniting to make life difficult for the current resident of the White House....

...yet TikTok is an absolute garbage fire of invasive surveillance technologies.

Just like we need to be thoughtful about how we use technology in our personal lives, we need to be even more thoughtful about how we use technology in contexts where the people we are interacting with may be far more negatively impacted than we might be ourselves.

Your primary task this week is to get your interactive learning resource into a coherent draft. You don't need to be entirely finished, but you should have completed enough so that others in the class can provide peer reviews of your draft.

You must ensure that you make it clear in your interactive learning resource that you understand the concepts we have learned about during the course. That means you must use the terminology that we have talked about from the very beginning of the course. You can think of the interactive learning resource as a comprehensive final exam. Everything in the course has been leading us to this point and you will need to show me, the class, and the world that you have met the objectives listed in the outline.

It is important that you have this work completed by the end of the day on Sunday, July 5. There will still be much to accomplish in the last few weeks of the course and your colleagues need enough time to review your resource, provide feedback, then take the feedback that they receive from you and incorporate it (as appropriate) into their own resources before final submission at the end of the course.

As always, feel free to be in touch and set up a group meeting with your pod if you have questions.

Take care and stay safe!

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