I'm reading through your posts from the last couple week's activities and would like to thank you for your work in preparing these! It is clear to me that you are finding good resources and are synthesizing the information well. By way of general feedback as you look towards your interactive learning resource in the next few weeks:

  • make sure you provide credit, usually in the form of a linked citation, if you use someone else's idea. It doesn't matter so much whether you use APA, MLA, Chicago, or another citation format, but please be consistent. I've noticed that a few of you have used APA, but are referencing the author's first names, rather than their family name. I know that there are differences between how people are addressed in different cultures, so please don't hesitate to ask if you are unsure. For good examples, see Yiyan's post here, and Cc's post here.
    • You might want to consider using a citation manager, like Zotero (which is free and open source!) to help with proper formatting.
  • when you publish a blog post, use more paragraphs than you would normally. It can be difficult to read online with very little white space.
  • It is a good idea to use Wikipedia, and any encyclopedia, carefully. The information there is generally very accurate and extremely well documented. However, in higher ed, it is suggested that you use encyclopedias as a starting place to find other resources. You will notice that most articles have a list of links to references at the bottom. Use these links to broaden your search, and cite those articles.
    • If you don't find an article you are looking for in Wikipedia, you can always start one!
    • Check out the 'Talk' pages on Wikipedia articles to see how much work goes into verifying the contents of the article.
    • Controversial topics can sometimes be especially challenging to sort through.
  • Please make sure that you continue to interact with your learning pod and others in the course by responding to their posts with posts on your own blog that link back to theirs. SC is doing a great job of this!
    • You can also feel free to link to posts in the other section of EDCI335.

Thank you again fro all your work! Keep in mind that you MUST publish five posts throughout this course, but only one will be submitted for formal assessment.

June 8 - 14

Things to do this week...

Read this week's posts in the following order - Assessing Learning, Feedback, and Reliability and Validity.
Finalize and submit your blueprint.
Your blueprint is due June 14.