Week 5

1st Jun 2020

June 1 - 7

Things to do this week...

Read this week's posts in the following order - National #AccessAbility Week, Universal Design, and then Inclusive Learning Design.
Follow the hastag #AccessAbility on Twitter and engage in the conversation as you are comfortable.
Collaborate on a Padlet to generate ideas for adapting learning resources.
Publish a blog post about one of the prompts for this week.
Continue drafting your blueprint.
Your blueprint is due June 14.

Good morning everyone!

Thank you for your work last week! It has been good to see your posts come in! Just a reminder that I will be out of town for this week and today may be that last day I have access to the internet until Friday, June 5.

You will likely notice that we have wandered a bit from the published schedule on the syllabus, and this week is even more of a deviation to allow us to acknowledge that this is #AccessAbility Week in Canada, where we are intentional about planning for inclusion.

We hope you will be able to follow the Twitter hashtag throughout the week!