Thank you all for your work getting going over the last few weeks. Now that the add/drop with 100% refund has passed, it seems that the course list will be a little less lively. For those of you who are just joining us, please let me know if you need assistance with getting started and setting up your blog. I think there are just a couple of you who haven't sent me your blog URL, but you just joined yesterday, so that is understandable!

I want you all to know that, while this course has been designed specifically with online interaction in mind, I recognize that many of you have experienced more than normal turmoil and stress as a result of COVID-19. If you are having difficulty keeping up with the pace of the course, or finding time to complete your work, please let me know as soon as possible.

As I mentioned previously, you will never lose marks for missing a due date. I suggest timelines to help you organize your work, but I am under no pretenses that those dates are actual deadlines. All I ask is that you be in contact with me and with your learning pod. There are supports listed on the syllabus if you need assistance with writing, technology, or whatever you think you might need.

I would love to meet with you and your learning pod and encourage you to contact me with a few times that would work for us to meet in Zoom to talk about the course, your assignments, using WordPress, or any of the other technologies that are available to you.

One tool that might make it easier to follow the course is a feed reader. We suggest you use and we have published a post outlining how to get started there. You can not only follow my feed (clicking that link will likely take you to a page of code that doesn't look very meaningful, but if you enter it into Feedly, it will show you my list of posts.)

You can also follow my updates directly through the course site, and the feed of the whole course.

And since it's #ThrowBackThursday, here's a snap of me in 1979 eating a sandwich on Raft Mountain in Clearwater, BC.


And here is my son in almost the same spot 40 years later.


Here's a reminder of what you should be working on this week. I'll be reading through your posts over the next few days.

May 19-22

Wednesday, May 20 is the last day to drop a course with 100% refund.
Please contact me as soon as possible if you are not yet in a Learning Pod.
Read the What is Learning post on the course blog. Suggested timeline - Tuesday, May 19
Read the post 'Designing Learning' and follow the instructions to set up and use Suggested timeline - Thursday, May 21
Read the post Planning Frameworks Suggested timeline - Friday, May 22
Read the posts Learning Outcomes and Constructive Alignment Suggested timeline - Friday, May 22
There is no assigned blog post this week.
Meet with your learning pod to begin mapping out your topic and drafting your learning outcomes for your Learning Design Blueprint and Interactive Learning Resource

See you in!