Week 2 Update 2

15th May 2020

Good morning! I'm writing this on Friday morning, May 15.

Remember to read through the A01 Blog Feed in the menu and begin to connect with some of your peers by linking to their posts.

A couple of you (Caroline and Roy) have published your first posts after your self-introductions, and I thank you for sharing your thoughts. Please make sure that you include links in your posts to your colleagues posts and also to the posts in the course so that other people can follow your thoughts. For example, I can link to my post from earlier in the week to remind you of some tips I gave for writing your posts.

The web is built for connections between people and ideas. Here is a resource you can use to find out about how to create a hyperlink in WordPress.

Remember to visit our Social Links page (the password is in the email I sent welcoming you to the course) and, if you are willing to consent to using services based in the US, sign up for Slack, which is a great way to get ahold of me for a quick answer about something. While you are on the Social Links page, make sure you are registered your name for a Learning Pod!

As this is a long weekend in Canada, I hope you are able to get a bit of extra rest. I will post details about the next topic on Tuesday morning, May 19.

I'm available by email, text, or Slack (details on the syllabus) if you have questions.

May 11-17

Things to do this week...

If you haven't already, complete the set up tasks from last week.
Read the Learning Theories post on the course blog. Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 12
Read the post 'Why is Learning Hard?' and consider how learning design might be affected by a learner's bias or motivation. Suggested timeline: Wednesday, May 14
Read the post Motivation and Learning. Suggested timeline: Thursday, May 15
Respond to the blog prompt by Friday, May 15. Make sure you use the category edci335!
Meet with your learning pod to introduce yourselves and begin thinking about a topic for your Learning Design Blueprint and Interactive Learning Resource
In your learning pods, discuss your individual responses to the blog prompt for this unit.

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