July 13 - 31

Things completed...

4 blog posts responding to the writing prompts. Note that you must complete all 4 posts! I will be checking, and will ask that you complete them all if you haven't yet done so.
1 Peer review post.
Draft of your pod's Interactive Learning Resource.

Things to do...

Choose one of your 4 posts that you would like me to assess for 15% of your grade. Feel free to polish it up in alignment with feedback you get from your learning pod. To ensure that I can find this post, please add the category showcase to this one post.
Add the category peer-review to your peer review post so that I can easily find it for assessment. (15% of your final grade)
Work with your learning pod to polish and revise your Interactive Learning Resource. You should submit a completed learning resource on a stand-alone website that each of your pod members have access to. You are encouraged to consult with me if you have questions. Each pod member should publish a post on their own site with a link to the learning resource and add a menu item with a link to the resource. (50% of your final grade)
To ensure that I can find your final posts and assignments, please create a menu item with the following sub-items:

  • top item should be a blank custom link (enter a # in the URL field) with the label Assessments.
    • sub-item 1 should be your blueprint (if it is on the web)
    • sub-item 2 should be your showcase post
    • sub-item 3 should be your peer review post
    • sub-item 4 should be a link to your pod's interactive learning resource

Good morning everyone!

We are through all of the new content ideas that we are going to talk about in EDCI 335 and have only a few activities to wrap up, as above.

These last three weeks are your opportunity to ensure that you have everything completed and polished for assessment.

I will be working through your peer review posts over the next week or so and am available for consultation if you have questions about your final version of your learning resource.

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