Just a couple updates for this first week!

Thank you to those who have registered for a blog site. Keep in mind that your blog privacy settings will determine whether or not your posts can be syndicated to the course site. See the page called 'Creating a Blog on the OpenETC' under the section 'Privacy Settings' for details.

Also, please get in the habit of using the category edci335 on each of your posts. Click here for instructions for creating categories and applying them to your posts. Let me know if you need assistance!

May 4 - 11

Things to do this week... Updated Monday, May the 4th (be with you).

Read the syllabus that will be emailed to you.
Read the welcome to the course.
Read the privacy, FIPPA, and consent tutorial.
Review the opened.ca Code of Conduct, then,
Sign up for a WordPress blog.
Complete the Learning Pathways survey by Friday, May 8.
Customize your blog.
Post a self-introduction to your blog.
Set up your RSS feeds.
Form your learning pods by Friday, May 8. The password was emailed to you.

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