Hello everyone!

We have a busy week this week with a little more reading than last week, no blog post due, but your blueprint assignment is due.

This week, we introduce the idea of a planning framework to help guide you through the complex process of designing an effective learning resource. We also introduce an interactive tool called hypothes.is that we have used to annotate a chapter of the textbook with questions and comments. Please feel free, if you are comfortable doing so in public, to enter your own comments and questions and have a conversation about the chapter. Who knows, maybe the author will notice...

Learning Pods

If you haven't done so yet, PLEASE make sure you are signed up for a learning pod! In a class this size, with no scheduled meeting times, it will be very difficult for you to interact with many people, so the learning pods will be where you go for connection with others in the course.

If you and your pod would like to meet with me to discuss anything to do with the class, please let me know and we can set up a time to do so.

October 4-10

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are not yet in a Learning Pod.
Read the What is Learning post on the course blog. Suggested timeline - Wednesday, October 6
Read the post 'Designing Learning' and follow the instructions to set up and use hypothes.is. Suggested timeline - Wednesday, October 6
Read the post Planning Frameworks Suggested timeline - Thursday, October 7
Read the posts Learning Outcomes and Constructive Alignment Suggested timeline - Thursday, October 7
There is no assigned blog post this week.
Meet with your learning pod to begin mapping out your topic and drafting your learning outcomes for your Learning Design Blueprint and Interactive Learning Resource
To submit your Blueprint, please send me an email with the course and assignment in the subject line, and make sure you copy each of your Pod members in the message. A link to an online document (Google Docs, Notion, or other) or an attached file are good.
Monday, October 11 is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. Your Blueprint assignment is 'officially' due on Monday, but realistically, I'm not going to be looking at them until Tuesday or Wednesday, so don't panic if you need a bit more time. Please take some time to rest this long weekend in whatever way energizes you.

See you in hypothes.is!