12th Sep 2021

Just a quick reminder to make sure you are on top of getting your technology set up this weekend. There were 17 responses to the Doodle Poll and Mondays are very much the most popular days to meet, and you are spread very evenly throughout the day. So, my suggestion is that we set a standard meeting time for 3:00pm-4:00pm (Pacific time) on Mondays (check your local time), starting tomorrow, but if there are groups or individuals who want to meet at another time, they can contact me and we can set up a time that works.

The Zoom link is in the announcement.

Please make sure that you have at least started on the tasks listed on my first post.  So far there are only 20 of you who have completed the Learner Pathways Survey and 23 have signed up for a learning pod. Many components of the course depend on those activities being completed.

If you are having difficulty getting a site created and accessible on opened.ca, you might want to try creating another site with a slightly different URL (I suggest you not use '335' in your URL, especially if you might take another EdTech course). I think the server got a bit bogged down with the start of the semester. Otherwise, please let me know and we can determine a path forward.

Keep in mind that your blog privacy settings will determine whether or not your posts can be syndicated to the course site. See the page called 'Creating a Blog on the OpenETC' under the section 'Privacy Settings' for details.

Also, please get in the habit of using the category edci335 on each of your posts. Click here for instructions for creating categories and applying them to your posts. Let me know if you need assistance!

September 8-19

Things to do this week (plus a few days)...

Read the syllabus that is available in BrightSpace.
Read the welcome to the course.
Read the privacy, FIPPA, and consent tutorial.
Review the opened.ca Code of Conduct, then,
Sign up for a WordPress blog.(You need to do this before you complete the Learning Pathways survey.)
Complete the Learning Pathways survey by Sunday, Sept 12.
Customize your blog.
Post a self-introduction to your blog.
Set up your RSS feeds.
Form your learning pods by Sunday, Sept 12. The password was emailed to you.

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