In a course about designing learning for networked and digital environments, we finally get around to thinking about technology! There are four posts for you to read, plus a few other suggested readings. There are many ways to think about the impact of technology on education, and far too much to consider in just one course. It seems almost silly to say that the COVID pandemic has brought into the light a whole host of problems with using and abusing technology in higher ed. The pandemic and its impacts have been very disproportionately distributed with learners bearing the brunt of gaps in how higher ed instructors are prepared to teach.

Technology tends to amplify both good and poor teaching. It can make good teaching better, and bad teaching worse, but it will almost never make bad teaching better.

There are no post prompts this week as you should be working on getting your Interactive Learning Resources drafted. Remember that it doesn't have to be in its final form quite yet, but it should be substantially completed. After next Tuesday, Nov 9, each of you will review the draft created by another pod and your review will be graded at 15% towards your final grade. I'll send details about the peer review next week.

Please try to have your draft complete on time. This is both so that you don't have to work on it over Reading Week, but also so that you don't hold up other groups' peer review process.

As always, we'll meet on Monday in Zoom (3pm Pacific time...remember to change any clocks that may not be 'smart' enough to change themselves), but if you can't make it, I'm happy to meet another time, just let me know.

Cheering you on!

November 1-7

Things to do this week...

Read the four posts under the 'Technology in Learning' topic.
Your interactive learning resource DRAFT is due Tuesday November 9. The draft should be substantially completed by then so that another learning pod can provide a peer review.