Good morning everyone!

Looks like we have some days of rain ahead of us, so that is perfect for getting this course in the bag!

As you finish the DRAFT of your interactive learning resource, please send me a link, or @ me in Notion or google docs if that's appropriate AND send a link to your peer-review partner group. To find your partner group, please use this handy-dandy table that you all created for me at


(ok...I definitely thought I had the URL on my clipboard...both my sons are drummers and I sent this to them last night and I'm leaving it here...enjoy!)

Here's the actual link...

Please send a link to the pod BELOW yours on the table. So pod 1, please send your link to Pod 2, who will review your resource and provide feedback. Pod 12, send your link to Pod 1.

Please post your review on your own blog and add the categories 'edci335' and 'review'. Your review can be in point form.

Please review the details of this assignment here.

If you have not received a link to a resource to review by Wednesday evening, Nov 10, please email the pod above you and copy me.

Please make sure to complete your review by Sunday, Nov 14 so that everyone can get started on finalizing their Interactive Learning Resources. I recognize that some groups may be a bit delayed in getting access to a learning resource, so there is some flexibility in this due date. The Peer Review MUST be completed before Nov. 21.

Please let me know if you have questions!


November 8-14

Things to do this week...

Draft and submit your Interactive Learning Resource by Tuesday, November 9.
Complete your Peer Review by Sunday November 14.