Week 4

12th Oct 2021

Good morning everyone!

This week is a work week! We are going to use a cooperative learning structure called 'Jigsaw' to organize your work. Details are in the prompt for Learning Design II.

The basic process is that you will meet with your learning pod, divide up the topics for the week and decide who will write on what, then each member of your pod will connect with learners from other pods to investigate and write posts about their particular topic. Then, you will reconvene as a learning pod to discuss the best approach to take for your blueprint and interactive learning resource.

It is important that each pod member is prepared to report to the pod (through their own post) about the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of the topic that they investigate. Each pod member should come with a recommendation about the suitability of their topic for addressing the pod's learning resource.

If you do not yet have a learning pod, please contact me as soon as possible!

You are encouraged to contact me as a learning pod, or as a jigsaw group if you have questions or concerns about the process or the topic.

Oct 12 - 17

Things to do this week...

Read the prompt for this week.
Investigate an approach to learning.
Publish a blog post about the approach to learning that you investigated. Feel free to consult with learners from other pods writing about the same topic.
Decide on a learning approach for your interactive learning resource.
Set up a time with me to review your Blueprint (link in the announcement in BrightSpace).