There is no 'new' content this week, so you can consider this a bit of a wrap-up week if you have things you have missed so far. Check out the schedule to ensure that you have completed all of the required items.

The most important thing, though, is to ensure that you have completed the following things:

June 21-25

Things to do this week...
Responses to all four blog prompts, including links to other blogs.
Peer review of one other group's draft Interactive learning resource. Please make sure you add the categories edci335 and peer-review so I can find it easily and send a link to the group who authored the resource (15% of your final grade).
Add the category showcase to the post you have decided is your best post from the course. This is the post I will assess for 15% of your grade.
Update your Interactive Learning Resource as appropriate based on the feedback you receive from your reviewers. You are not required to implement all of the suggestions.
Send me a link to or file of the final version of your Interactive Learning Resource.
Please have everything completed and submitted to me by the end of Friday, June 25
Finally, please make sure you complete the UVic Course Experience Survey. This survey provides helpful information on how I can improve the course.

Looking forward to seeing your work! Feel free to book an appointment with me sometime this week to talk about anything above! I won't be available Friday as my daughter is getting married Saturday and I'll be in the corner rocking back and forth.