May 17-24

Things to do...

If you haven't already, complete the set up tasks from last week.
Read the updated Blueprint assignment (you can still use the older draft, but this one is meant to clarify a few details) Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 18
Read the post Measuring Learning Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 18
Read the Alignment and Assessment Triangle post Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 18
Read the post Assessing Learning Suggested timeline: Wednesday, May 19.
Read Chapters 1 and 4 of Assessment Strategies for Online Learning. Suggested Timeline: Wednesday, May 19.
Read the post Feedback and the attached selection from Hattie’s book. Suggested Timeline: Thursday May 20
Read the post Reliability and Validity. Suggested Timeline: May 21.
Meet with your learning pod to begin with the end in mind: once you’ve identified the outcomes, what assessment pieces will you include in your Blueprint? Begin by isolating the verbs in your outcome statements and planning related verbs in your assessment piece(s). Consider how you may conduct formative assessment throughout, and if you plan to include any learner self-assessment.
In your learning pods, discuss your individual responses to the first blog prompt.

Hi everyone!

This should land in your inboxes in time for Tuesday Morning, May 18. I think most of you have signed up for a Learning Pod, and I trust you have been able to connect with each other on that. If there are people you haven't heard from, or if you haven't been able to join a group, please let me know as soon as possible.

There are a few of you who have joined the course in the last few days and it may take a bit for you to catch up, but that is ok, try to do something related to the course each day!

Last week, we worked through an introduction to the course and the first topic. This week we will focus solely on the second topic, because it is an important one: assessment. When thinking about designing learning experiences, whether in a school, corporate, or other environment, it is critical to begin at the end, which is to plan where you want learners to end up (learning outcomes) and how they will let you know that they are there (assessment).

There is a bunch of reading this week along with some time for planning with your learning pod towards your blueprint, which is due next week. There are no posts for you to publish this week.

If you would like to meet with me as a learning pod to sketch out some plans, please let me know!