There is no 'new' content this week, so you can consider this a bit of a wrap-up week if you have things you have missed so far. Check out the schedule to ensure that you have completed all of the required items.

The most important thing, though, is to ensure that you have completed the following things:

June 21-25

Things to do this week...
Responses to all four blog prompts, including links to other blogs.
Peer review of one other group's draft Interactive learning resource. Please make sure you add the categories edci335 and peer-review so I can find it easily and send a link to the group who authored the resource (15% of your final grade).
Add the category showcase to the post you have decided is your best post from the course. This is the post I will assess for 15% of your grade.
Update your Interactive Learning Resource as appropriate based on the feedback you receive from your reviewers. You are not required to implement all of the suggestions.
Send me a link to or file of the final version of your Interactive Learning Resource.
Please have everything completed and submitted to me by the end of Friday, June 25
Finally, please make sure you complete the UVic Course Experience Survey. This survey provides helpful information on how I can improve the course.

Looking forward to seeing your work! Feel free to book an appointment with me sometime this week to talk about anything above! I won't be available Friday as my daughter is getting married Saturday and I'll be in the corner rocking back and forth.

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Good morning everyone!

Looks like we have some days of rain ahead of us, so that is perfect for getting this course in the bag!

As you finish the DRAFT of your interactive learning resource, please send me a link, or @ me in Notion or google docs if that's appropriate AND send a link to your peer-review partner group. To find your partner group, please use this handy-dandy table that you all created for me at


(ok...I definitely thought I had the URL on my clipboard...both my sons are drummers and I sent this to them last night and I'm leaving it here...enjoy!)

Here's the actual link...

Please send a link to the pod BELOW yours on the table. So pod 1, please send your link to Pod 3, who will review your resource and provide feedback. Pod 11, send your link to Pod 1. There is no Pod 2.

Please post your review on your own blog and add the categories 'edci335' and 'review'. Your review can be in point form.

Please review the details of this assignment here.

If you have not received a link to a resource to review by Monday evening, June 14, please email the pod above you and copy me.

Please make sure to complete your review by Friday, June 18 so that everyone can get started on finalizing their Interactive Learning Resources.

Please let me know if you have questions!


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7th Jun 2021

Summer is almost here (at least it was briefly last week), and I hope you are able to get some beach time in a socially distanced way, kinda like the guy in the header pic who looks white, but is going to be real red by the end of the day...

June 7 - 13

Things to do this week...

Read the following posts, in order: Interaction, Our Need to Interact (including the required reading in Teaching in a Digital Age ), Assessing Interaction.
Complete this week's prompt on Interaction and publish your fourth required post on your blog.
Begin or continue working on your interactive learning resource with your learning pod.

Your interactive learning resource DRAFT is due Sunday, June 13. The draft should be substantially completed by then so that another learning pod can provide a peer review.

Good morning (or afternoon or whatever...) everyone! I trust you all had a good weekend and are ready for another week! My weekend was pretty busy, but I'm pleased to report that my conferencing last week was a success, even though there was So. Much. Zoom. I'll be pleased when we can get back to conferencing IRL. Kinda like this ad you may have seen...(I do like Extra gum, but don't stand to benefit from sharing this...)

But, enough of that...we've still got work to do. We are well into the back half of EDCI335 and the remainder of the course will likely go very quickly. We have 2 more units where new content will be introduced and discussed followed by a week for you all to focus on your interactive learning resource assignments, including a peer review activity.

So far, you should have completed the following...

You should know that I mean it when I say that I am grateful for your work in this course. Your blueprints were very well done and it was a pleasure speaking with many of you over the last week about your thoughts on the assignment and to meet many of you for the first time. As I mentioned to each of you, if you have any questions of concerns about the course, or if you are having particular challenges (whether COVID-19 related or not), please let me know. There are many ways we can work together to ensure your success in the course.

This week, we are going to think about interaction and how to design for it in your interactive learning resource. Obviously, interactivity should be front-and-centre in a project called 'interactive learning resource'!

Your list of tasks for the week is at the top of this page and also on the Schedule page on the course site.

As always, please let me know if you have questions!

Close this window to return to the course.

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June 7 Update

7th Jun 2021

Good morning, or afternoon, or evening to you wherever and whenever you may be!

My Monday morning brain can't calendar properly, so I mentioned the wrong date in this video. Today is June 7. Sorry if I messed you up.

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May 31 - June 6

Things to do this week...

Read this week's posts in the following order - National #AccessAbility Week, Universal Design, and then Inclusive Learning Design.
Follow the hastag #AccessAbility on Twitter and engage in the conversation as you are comfortable.
Collaborate on a Padlet to generate ideas for adapting learning resources.
Publish a blog post about one of the prompts for this week.
Begin thinking about operationalizing your blueprint in your Interactive Learning Resource.

Good morning or evening everyone!

I'm out on the deck this evening with one of my teaching assistants, Dexter.


Thank you for your work last week! It has been good to see your posts and blueprints come in! I had several great conversations with groups in the planning stages of your blueprints, so I'm confident that they will be well done.

As you know, deadlines are meant to be guidelines. They are certainly helpful for planning your work, and it can be difficult to catch up if you fall too far behind, however, I will never deduct grades for lateness as I believe that to be an inequitable practice that disproportionately harms some people (parents, people with jobs, people in a pandemic...). I do ask that you keep me up to date so I know when to expect to see your work.

I am admittedly late to the game regarding inclusive design, so the posts in this topic heavily rely on Heidi's (teaching section A02) expertise. I'm grateful for being able to partner with her to teach this course. I encourage you to go read her post for this topic.

As you read about inclusive and universal design, consider your Interactive Learning Resource, where you will have to design with at least two barriers in mind. The advantage of doing this for people who need it is that everyone generally benefits from inclusive design. Think of curb cuts on sidewalks...

Pram Ramp.jpg
By Michael3 on Wikipedia

These were originally cut specifically for people who use wheelchairs, but they benefit a much wider variety of people, like cyclists, skateboarders, people who have vision challenges, parents pushing strollers, all of whom need to move between roads and sidewalks, and who can do so more easily because we decided to include people who use wheelchairs. The same principle works in learning environments.

When we use design principles that include, everyone benefits.

I hope you'll be able to follow the #accessAbility hashtag on Twitter this week and that you'll be able to interact with section A02 in the Padlet linked above.

I have a super busy week as I am presenting at and attending, and helping organize and run the #OTESSA21 conference this week until Thursday (feel free to check out that hashtag on Twitter too!), so I won't be able to join the Tuesday morning fun, but Heidi will be there. I'm looking forward to checking out your blueprints later this week!

Cheering you on!!


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May 24 Update

24th May 2021

Another quick video this long weekend!

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Tips for using WordPress

19th May 2021

Good morning from Richmond!

WordPress Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind generally about using a blog for learning.

Make sure you link to your sources. Even if this isn't formal academic writing, it is still important to acknowledge where you get your ideas. The easiest way to do that is through an inline link. If you want to embed a link to a WordPress site, like on our Blog List page all you need to do is paste the link to the site on its own line, but do not create a hyperlink. It will embed automagically, and it will send a ping to the link so that it shows up as a comment on the other site. You can see several of these pingbacks on the topic posts in the course.
Remember to use the category edci335.
Read each other's posts and respond to them by including links in your own posts.
Confirm that your post is showing up on the A01 Blog Feed page. Keep in mind that it may take an hour or so to refresh.
Include an interesting image as the featured image on your post. You are also encouraged to use your own photos if you'd like.

Learning Pods

Many of you have signed up for a learning pod, but if you have not, please make sure that you do this as soon as possible. The learning pods are a critical component of the course design for EDCI335.

  • they are your best source of community and connection throughout the course;
  • they are your teammates for the major assignments;
  • they are your first source of assistance with questions about the course;
  • they are your peer reviewers for your blog posts...

Please meet with your learning pods as soon as possible! You can use any tool you would like, but Zoom is available for all UVic learners.

Learning Design Blueprint

As you know, your blueprints are due May 30. That may seem like a long time from now, but keep in mind that everything takes longer when you are working with a remote team. It is not too early to get started!

This is your first major assignment for the course and it is worth 20% of your final grade. It will be important for you to complete this assignment and submit it prior to submitting your major project, the Interactive Learning Resource. I encourage you to contact me with your questions! I'm here to help you succeed, and the sooner you get your questions answered, the better you will be able to plan your work.

Your blueprint is the planning stage for your learning resource, but don't worry about locking yourself in. Learning design is an iterative process and you will always be going back to adjust your plan as things change.

I'm available by email, text, or Discord (details on the syllabus) if you have questions.

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May 17-24

Things to do...

If you haven't already, complete the set up tasks from last week.
Read the updated Blueprint assignment (you can still use the older draft, but this one is meant to clarify a few details) Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 18
Read the post Measuring Learning Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 18
Read the Alignment and Assessment Triangle post Suggested timeline: Tuesday, May 18
Read the post Assessing Learning Suggested timeline: Wednesday, May 19.
Read Chapters 1 and 4 of Assessment Strategies for Online Learning. Suggested Timeline: Wednesday, May 19.
Read the post Feedback and the attached selection from Hattie’s book. Suggested Timeline: Thursday May 20
Read the post Reliability and Validity. Suggested Timeline: May 21.
Meet with your learning pod to begin with the end in mind: once you’ve identified the outcomes, what assessment pieces will you include in your Blueprint? Begin by isolating the verbs in your outcome statements and planning related verbs in your assessment piece(s). Consider how you may conduct formative assessment throughout, and if you plan to include any learner self-assessment.
In your learning pods, discuss your individual responses to the first blog prompt.

Hi everyone!

This should land in your inboxes in time for Tuesday Morning, May 18. I think most of you have signed up for a Learning Pod, and I trust you have been able to connect with each other on that. If there are people you haven't heard from, or if you haven't been able to join a group, please let me know as soon as possible.

There are a few of you who have joined the course in the last few days and it may take a bit for you to catch up, but that is ok, try to do something related to the course each day!

Last week, we worked through an introduction to the course and the first topic. This week we will focus solely on the second topic, because it is an important one: assessment. When thinking about designing learning experiences, whether in a school, corporate, or other environment, it is critical to begin at the end, which is to plan where you want learners to end up (learning outcomes) and how they will let you know that they are there (assessment).

There is a bunch of reading this week along with some time for planning with your learning pod towards your blueprint, which is due next week. There are no posts for you to publish this week.

If you would like to meet with me as a learning pod to sketch out some plans, please let me know!

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May 16 Update

16th May 2021

Another quick video this morning!

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May 12-16

Things to do...

If you haven't already, complete the set up tasks from earlier this week.
Read the Learning Theories post on the course blog. Suggested timeline: Friday, May 14
Read the post 'Why is Learning Hard?' and consider how learning design might be affected by a learner's bias or motivation. Suggested timeline: Friday, May 14
Read the post Motivation and Learning. Suggested timeline: Friday, May 14
Respond to the blog prompt by Sunday, May 16. Make sure you use the category edci335!
Meet with your learning pod to introduce yourselves and begin thinking about a topic for your Learning Design Blueprint and Interactive Learning Resource
In your learning pods, discuss your individual responses to the blog prompt for this unit.

Hi everyone! I hope you had a great week!

I recognize that I am publishing this on a sunny Friday afternoon, and that's a little less than ideal. I apologize. If you need the weekend to rest, make sure you do that, and do your best to get through this topic.

The schedule above is a suggested timeline, but please aim to have everything completed by the evening of Sunday, May 16...or Monday. Remember, there aren't any 'due dates' on your blog posts, so 'late' isn't really a thing.

Thank you to those who have registered for a blog site. Keep in mind that your blog privacy settings will determine whether or not your posts can be syndicated to the course site. See the page called 'Creating a Blog on the OpenETC' under the section 'Privacy Settings' for details.

Also, please get in the habit of using the category edci335 on each of your posts. Click here for instructions for creating categories and applying them to your posts. Let me know if you need assistance!

This weekend, we are going to dig into how people actually learn. You will watch a short, and hopefully entertaining, video about riding bicycles, read a chapter in one of the course texts, and, importantly, get started on your Learning Design Blueprint, which is due Sunday, May 30 and is worth 20% of your final grade.

The blueprint is a critical component of the course and also your work in the Interactive Learning Resource assignment, so that is why your blueprint must be submitted before you submit your Interactive Learning resource.

If you would like, we can schedule a time to meet in Zoom so you can ask your questions and get responses all at once rather than a bajillion emails.

Little aside here...I got a new bike on Tuesday, and I'm a little giddy and this too.

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May 13 Update

13th May 2021

Hi everyone! I'm testing a video update this morning. Please let me know if the video below loads for you or not!

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WordPress Issue

12th May 2021
Image: Screenshot Permalinks

Several people have mentioned and shown that there is something weird going on with their posts, and I have a solution for you to try. It seems that there is something goofy with the permalinks on your sites. A permalink is the WordPress lingo for the direct link to an individual post. For example...

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9th May 2021

May 10 - 16

Things to do this week...

Read the syllabus that will be sent to you and is available in BrightSpace.
Read the welcome to the course.
Read the privacy, FIPPA, and consent tutorial.
Review the Code of Conduct, then, Sign up for a...

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